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Welcome to the website of the UK Chemotherapy Partnership – aiming to improve the quality and safety of chemotherapy delivery by sharing information, expertise and opinion. We open the door on the latest developments in chemotherapy service provision and give you access to NHS experts and their documentation to help you develop and improve your own service.

How can we help?

You can access information by browsing different SERVICE MODELS, by visiting our RESOURCES area or by SEARCHING for specific information.

  • See what others have done
  • Share what you have done
  • Access policy and news
  • Share views and opinions
  • Ask questions on the FORUM
  • Get help with achieving change
  • Find out about events and meetings

Many contributors are happy to discuss their achievements, either by email, ‘phone or even by hosting a visit.

Documents and resources are intended for healthcare professionals so we ask that you provide a work email address before downloading items. This will give you easy access to all documents when you log in on subsequent visits. There are no obligations and no fees.

To find out about the UK Chemotherapy Partnership go to  ABOUT US

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Apollo Nursing Resource-The Specialist Nursing Resource
Macmillan/UKONS Acute Oncology e-learning programme
Chemotherapy Patient Experience Survey 2013 National Report
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HOW TO Contribute

The UK Chemotherapy Partnership depends on you for its website content. If you are introducing a change to your chemotherapy service that aims to improve the quality or safety, no matter how small, please let us know. More